Copenhagen’s Groove in 2014

My most memorable music project in 2014 was the development  and launch of concerts by the Copenhagen Groove brand. The concept of this music project is to promote Copenhagen based music artists to the world.

As a lecturer for Creative Industries and also with Digital Media in Marketing, I had classes involved with producing the events, as well as the marketing and artist management. In 2014, we produced 3 acoustic evenings and ended the year off with a gig at the infamous live venue Loppen, located in Copenhagen’s Christiania quarter.

Artists and bands included Benjamin Aggerbæk, Ingo Stahl, Frederik Damhus, Sahra Da Silva, Kaia Hjøllund, Johann, When I Grow Up and Exit Fields and DJ Spitz Lang(US).

Plans for Copenhagen Groove in 2015 are taking shape.

Copenhagen Groove at Loppen


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