The Creative Space – The Studio

Creativity needs a home, it needs a space where it can explore. The creative process isn’t pretty to many, but it needs a place that is comfortable, welcoming & cosy. In October 2014, I opened my Studio. It serves a few purposes, for me to do my work, write, read, teach, learn and discover. It is a place for the creative tools and instruments that just don’t have its own place in an apartment (Or even most houses).

A Songwriting Sanctuary

Having a place with all the creative tools at hand, without feeling too industrial, is something that I’ve dreamed about for a long time. To be able to come up with ideas, or develop existing ones, it is a dream to have a ‘safe’ place to do so.

Recording and Filming Studio

With a bit of sound proofing, this little basement studio will serve as a great place for some acoustic recording. I’m also planning to do some acoustic music videos here.


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