JomarMusic YouTube Channel

Click Here to visit JomarMusic channel on YouTube

I use video for many things, not just publishing of live performances. My YouTube channel is a great way to not only reach listeners, but other musicians who I’m collaborating with.

As I continue to develop new ideas for songs you may find me posting some rough ideas that I’m sending to the others. ‘Henrik’s Kitchen’ is a little incidental video to show Henrik the rough arrangement and chords of my songs. I that I decided to post up on the channel, as it captures a nice little spontaneous moment in time, chilling out with Henrik (below). It also features  a special cameo from the mini-me.

Another type of video production I’ll be publishing is Video Log (Also known as a Vlog). For this I’d like to use to post a 5 minute round-up on the music I’m working on. Ideally, I’d like to do these once a week but it will depend on time.



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