Jomar is an independent, musician, songwriter and producer. He is also a photographer and a documentary film maker. He produces a broad range of music, from soul, RnB to folk and rock. Using his experience as a professional writer, media producers and marketer, he also maintains a network of online creative communities. The most predominant community is the Music Producers Forum, which in 2015 has over 35,000 members connected on leading social networks.

Music Producers Forum

Starting in 2007, the Music Producers Forum is a community for musicians, songwriters and engineers who produce music. From the producers who create music in their spare time, to grammy winning producers, the forum provides place with articles, meetups (Sydney, NY, London & Copenhagen). As founder and driver of the Music Producers Forum, Jomar is developing and rolling out future plans that will further strenghten the community with initiatives that foster knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking.

Copenhagen Groove

As an initiative of the Music Producers Forum, Copenhagen Groove builds on the spirit of collaboration and networking. It brings together independent music artists based in Copenhagen, with a charter to promote this burgeoning creative community to the world.

Jomar set up Copenhagen Groove in 2014, together with his marketing students (Working  as a lecturer in Creative Industries and Marketing in 2014).

The Groove Ingredients

The Groove Ingredients is the stage name for the live performances, and recordings consisting of collaborations with others musicians.


Jomar grew up in a home environment filled with music. ‘My dad loved music’, says Jomar, ‘he grew up with modest beginnings in the Philippines, and coming to Australia was like a celebration of life for him. We always had the great sound systems of the day, with a great collection of records, from the Beatles, The Stones and a disco collection that would rival any club’.

Over the years, he then followed a career in the IT and marketing industries but continuing with the odd gig, and occasional song writing.

In 1996, he moved to Denmark to a small coastal village called Tisvildeleje in the northern part of Sealand. Learning a new language, culture and getting to know new friends in a country far from his home town of Sydney, was the start of another creative chapter. The contrast of the Scandinavian seasons was the inspiration behind the song ‘Countdown Days’, and the rural train line inspired the song ‘Fast train’.

In 2003, a brief return to music began with a collaboration with a sound engineer studying at the SAE institute in Sydney. The song ‘Tell Another Story’ was one of the productions was developed. ‘It was a song that I had written for Viko, the sound engineer studying at SAE at the time, and he wanted to record a song that was up beat, with an Acid Jazz kind of feel. I didn’t have a song like that in my catalogue, so I wrote it fairly quickly, finishing off the last lyrics on the way to the studio’.

In 2007, Jomar started  the Music Producers Forum which continues to grow from strength to strength via it’s blog,

After a few years of focussing on personal life and business endeavours, Jomar made his return to music in 2011, performing in Cafes around Copenhagen and writing some new songs.

In 2014 opened a small creative studio 15 minutes north of Copenhagen, and he started moving towards artist development intiatives such as the Copenhagen Groove initiative, private music workshops and A&R for the up and coming Copenhagen Groove label.

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  1. I love reggae, but it isn’t a genre I’m experienced in producing… yet. I can suggest that you join the Music Producers Forum group on Linkedin and post a question in the discussion forum. There’s almost 5,000 members on it.

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