Music Video: One More Chance – Jean Paul

Jean Paul Espinosa was a finalist in the TV show The Voice Denmark, 2012 mentored by Aqua’s Lene Nystrøm. For those who know Jean Paul, you’d know that he has more than just a voice. He writes some great songs, he’s a brilliant guitarist (both rhythm and lead) and I recently discovered that he’s a solid producer who is able to bring the best out in the musicians around him.

I met Jean Paul in 2010 both through a publicist, and running him also performing at some of the Copenhagen songwriter cafe circuit, before his time in the spotlight of The Voice. He is more than just one of the many talented independent artists in town, he also has the drive and commitment the get his music to the greater audience it awaits.

Getting involved in directing and producing his first music video (And mine) was a buzz. The job was made easy in fact that we share the same flavor of musical inspiration from the likes of Stevie Wonder and John Mayer. When it came translating the song into a visual story line we pretty much came to agreement fairly easily. I simply wanted to capture him in his ‘own skin’, from his home environment and where he feels most alive, which is performing with his band at the prelaunch rehearsal.

Jean Paul was great to work with in developing ideas, and he was open to the directions I was seeing the song visually needed. The storyline begins with the waking up regretting something. I taunted Jean Paul and called him ‘bad-ass’ and telling him that he really did something nasty, that he had to wake up to. He pretty much slipped into character and was able to ‘act out’ his role quite naturally. The whole creative process of producing the music video was very much a collaboration with the ideas, and directions. We pretty much agreed on 99% on direction we were going.

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 9.10.22 AMIt took 12 days from our first pre-production meeting, to get to this point having just uploaded the finished product, one day ahead of schedule. The single launch will in two days, and I’ll be presenting the music video in London at two small conferences, The Music Producers Forum and The Film Production Forum (1-2 July).

We learned quite a lot over the last 12 days, and now the days ahead are all about getting an audience as the music video hits the Danish TV stations and of course does the social media circuit and YouTube.  It will be interesting to what lies ahead for ‘One More Chance’, Jean Paul and my career as an ‘accidental film maker’.


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