2013 Album: It starts with a plan

Image Courtesy  D. B. Gaston

Image Courtesy D. B. Gaston

So, this is the year that I produce my album. There are more reasons to do it than not to do it.

  • I have more technology at my disposal than the Beatles did for most of their albums, so I have no excuse.
  • I’ve got some songs that I’m happy with, and time to write a few more.
  • Got some great musos around to cut some tracks.
  • There is the internet, to blog and get it heard.
  • There are some people who like the cheesy songs I write (And there may be even a few more).
  • It will be fun and I will learn lots.

So, there’s some of the reasons… now for a plan… or at least a blueprint of a plan.

Here we go…

Songlist – first draft

  1. Countdown Days
  2. Penetrate My Soul
  3. Fast Train
  4. When We Like To Party
  5. The Day We’ll be Together (Everytime)
  6. Stupid
  7. Another Day
  8. Tell Another Story

Here are some further thoughts;

  • I need to add at least another 3-4 songs
  • I’d also like to have some live and acoustic version on the album.
  • Video Blog – I’ll post some videos of songs in production, kind of like a video diary/documentary of the process. Publish one every 2 weeks?
  • I’d also like to feature other vocalists, and other artists. (Definitely include Mr. Pelle the Danish Rapper, Ida my number 1 student, Ineke, Alyzza and Ingy).
  • Find a producer or two. Llewellyn and Henrik are on that list. They’ll learn on the job.
  • Release one single at a time, and arrange a launch night.
  • Produce at least 3 music videos – Erik, get ready to learn film production.
  • Keep the whole process up on social media.
  • Keep the supportive peeps on twitter involved, with feedback and spreading the word (Nehadi and Irina, I’m thinking of you two to start with).
  • Set up a production plan, with dates and deadlines each song and the whole album.
  • Find a name of the album… even a working title for now.
  • Find 100 ‘Fans’ who genuinely like what I’m doing. (100 out of 5 billion people… I like my chances).
  • Start thinking of an album cover, or drafting one up.
  • Plan a big launch party/concert at the end of the year.
  • At least 2 blog posts a week.
  • Maybe release on vinyl too? Is that even possible?
  • Proceeds (If any) to go to a charity, must decide on which one.

Progress – Thus far, I have started arranging the songfiles for When We Like to Party, Penetrate My Soul and Countdown Days on GarageBand. Met with Henrik today and spoke of my ideas. Writing this post.

Next step… publish this post.


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