2013 Album: Week 01 – The Working Title, The Groove Ingredients Vol.1

Image courtesy Emily Barney

Image courtesy Emily Barney

The album project has a name, there’s been a great response when spreading word about this project. All of those that I’ve asked to be a part of this project have shown a great level of excitement and positivity. We are still at an early planning stage, and how it’s yet to be decided on how we will roll out the productions. It’s good to have written out a list of ideas in my previous post ‘2013 Album: It starts with a plan‘, and I’ll be referring back to the list every now and then.

The Name – The Groove Ingredients

The working title of the project/album is ‘The Groove Ingredients: Volume 01’. The name ‘Groove Ingredients’ is what I’ve been using for music production. Rikke gave me the idea way back around 2006, and it stems from the way that producing music is like taking ingredients and putting it together, as a chef in the kitchen would. Raw ingredients, brought together, prepared and produced to make something awesome. ‘Volume 01′ indicates that this is only the first… ’01’ (With the zero before the one), keeps the door open for number 10.

VideoBlog/Production Documentary

The plan is to put together regular video updates on the production process. This keeps everyone (Production crew, musicians and listeners) a chance to keep update on the developments. I’m setting up to record the initial episode, where I lay out the ideas and vision of The Groove Ingredients and introduce some of the people involved.

Llewellyn emailed me some songs that she discovered whilst on holidays (Aleon Craft – embedded below). I noticed that there was a music documentary from the same YouTube account (Below), and it’s a good reference for the Groove Ingredients Documentary.

There’ll be two aspects to filming with this project. First is the documentary/video blog, and the other is for music videos. Through the media consultancy company (Strategic Media Company), we have all HD production gear to shoot and edit, and I just need to teach a few others how to operate the gear.

Last Friday, I got to spend some time shooting the below dance video of Erik with the help of Ida, and got to spend time with these guys working out some filming and editing techniques. I got some good ideas and figured out a few techniques for future productions and music videos. It was also great to use the GoPro camera (Erik’s camera). By simply placing it on the ground, we captured some great dance moves from a different angle.

Sunday Sessions

Sunday afternoons will be production time, when we get together with the various people involved. When Llewellyn (Album producer) gets back from overseas, I’ll brainstorm with her on how, what and who we schedule.  She’ll also schedule how we produce our production diary (Video, blog and any audio podcasts we do).

Social Media

I’ll set up a Facebook group for the Groove Ingredients production crew, also get Llewellyn to look at if we should set up a Tumblr page as well. I’ll aleso start revamping and updating the existing TheGrooveIngredients.com blogsite.

On the Menu Plan

  • I spoke to Mr. Pelle, my favorite Danish freestyle rapper. We’ll be setting a date for him to come over, and possibly cut a few new tracks.
  • In speaking to Chris Ramsden (Love Constellation project), he’s keen to hook up soon, so he may be over to cut a track or even show us what ‘Indie Electro’ tracks he’s been working on.
  • Friendly neighbor Anders Dyre (Guitarist with The Penetrators) reminded me that he’s around to cut a track or two.

Some Inspirational Grooves

Plan for the week ahead

  • Lay base arrangements for  Copenhagen Rain, When We Like to Party, Penetrate my Soul and Somethings Got to Give (Basic drum pattern and scratch rhythm track).
  • Discuss with Llewellyn the production plan
  • Book in Pelle for a Sunday Session (Copenhagen Rain, When We Like to Party)
  • Book in Henrik for this Sunday.
  • Update TheGrooveIngredients.com
  • Start on Documentary – Script Intro episode.

Plan for Next Sunday

  • Henrik to record for When we like to Party and Copenhagen Rain
  • Film and music production meeting with crew (LR, EA, IU and maybe Max)
  • Talk about live performance (One Sunday afternoon at Onkel Danny’s Plads)
  • Plan for vocal workshop

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