2012 Rewind and some New Year’s Music Resolutions and Goals

2012 in Review

IMG_65052012 put some new music initiatives in motion, and it opens the door for more in 2013. Whilst only 4 new songs were written (Penetrate My Soul, When We like to Party, Something’s Gotta Give and another day), it is still a 100% increase on the previous year!

Other music initiatives that kicked off in 2012 was some great performance nights with Ineke and Henrik at Cafe Retro, and sharing our music a bunch of new people (From Ineke’s class Jen, Claire, Laima and Tamara to name a few!).  I also had an ultra cool music collaboration night at Retro with Martin Lærke (Percussion) and Pelle who is an amazing Danish freestyle rapper. All these people inspired me to push the music boundaries. Below is one of the songs we created on the night called Copenhagen Rain.

I’ve also been jammin’ with some of Ineke’s most talented cousins Alyzza and Ingrid, and their step dad Tom has joined in a few times on the bass. The purchase of the Roland drum kit has come in very handy with developing the talent of my 6 year old boy. In a couple of years I could have a rather competent drummer in the line up.

MusicProducersForum.com is an online music community initiative that I stated in 2007. In 5 years it has grown to have a Linkedin Group of just under 7,000 members (17th largest music group on Linkedin), 3,500 followers on Twitter and 700 on the Facebook page. The WordPress blog receives 2-3,000 pageviews per month with only 1-2 articles posted per month.

Sounds-Underground.com is a pilot documentary series on independent songwriters that I started developing this year. It is distributed through the MusicProducersForum’s global network. I have some footage from amazing Copenhagen local artists such as Aisha, Ignug, Rangleklods and Inouwee and  will be filming Jean Paul Espinosa (The Voice finalist 2012) in early 2013. I’m also developing ‘music.studio-insider.com’ documentary series, focusing on the production and recording process. Funding plans are in progress for this.

Another activity I started doing was taking on my first private music student. This has been an unexpectedly rewarding experience, as I’ve found a love of sharing knowledge and developing the art of teaching. It is even more rewarding when your student is driven, motivated and has raw talent (You know who you are….).

Music and I in 2013

I think of resolutions as habitual changes that I want to make. Discipline and time management are definitely core resolutions. This applies to rehearsals, songwriting, learning new songs and artist development.

Artist development is one thing that I really want to explore, and carefully select a deserving few to devote some precious time to. In 2013, I want to focus on two artists (At two levels) and provide support and guidance in the areas that I am strong in. This could be songwriting, music video/documentary production, marketing and promotion or production. Basically start with sitting down with them, and write some goals for 2013.


I don’t write 100 songs a year, nor do I have 100 songs in my catalog (As some people have). But the songs I have written, I’m either rather happy with or feel that they are really something special, either way, I can happily say that I am proud of every song that I have completed. I probably have 1,000 ideas, riffs, lines of words floating around, but I’ll only finish a song if I think that there is something truly special with it. I’m not going set a target number of songs to write in 2013, but I want to get in a songwriting routine, that would at least produce more songs than 2012. Quality is the focus, not quantity.

Album/EP production

In talking to Henrik, the idea of producing my own EP or even album is something that I would like to achieve for 2013. I would like to focus on creating more than just songs, but an experience that is deep with online videos on the songwriting, development and production process. More thoughts to come on this.

Film & Music Video Production

Having acquired HD video production facilities this year (including 2x HD DSLR’s), I can now produce high quality films. I definitely want to produce 3-4 music videos (For other artists). I also want to produce regular vlogs, both for music students as well as acoustic covers/originals. The more time I invest in these kinds of activities, the more efficient and proficient I become at film making.

– Goal – 1 covers, 1 original and 2 online lessons per month.

I’d also like to have developed ‘Sounds-Underground’ and ‘Music Studio Insider’ beyond pilot stage, and ready for funded production. This would require having high production value pilots completed by the first half of 2013.


The live performances on the open mic stages around Copenhagen have been a valuable experience and networking platform. I’d like to commit to at least fortnightly performances, either solo or with accompaniment.

The other goal is to have a regular line-up of muso’s ready for full band performances. Monthly rehearsals could be the commitment level I should aim for with a set list of songs and a chosen genre. (Retro funk and soul is what I’m thinking). I have put a list on Spotify together Click here to listen to it. Package it under a band name… possibly The Groove Ingredients.

There’s a full plate for the year ahead… doors opened in 2012… time to walk into 2013.


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