Danish Rapper Pelle to Feature on When We Like to Party

I met Danish Freestyle rapper Pelle earlier in 2012 at one of the Music Lab’s at Cafe Retro. He’ll be adding some Danish rap to ‘When we like to party’.

The Danish language and the rap artform have a strange affinity. Many people have referred to the Danish language as one of the more obscure sounding European languages, but put it into rap, and it has a surprisingly perfect fit, more so than any of the other Nordic languages.

Pelle has powerful rap and rhymes, and is at total ease with freestyling (Composing rap on the fly), and I’m looking forward to this collaboration. The song he chose to write some rap to, ‘When we like to party’ is definitely one that can use a rap break, (And can save me from writing a third verse for!).

Back in 1982 GrandMaster Flash gave my first taste of rap with ‘The message’, the first rap song I learned to words to. 30 years later, I’ll finally be working in some rap in one of my tunes. Better late than never!

The plan is to record an acoustic version with a live cajon and Henrik on guitars. We may even get to shoot a live music video.

Pelle on Soundcloud

Pelle’s Facebook page

Grandmaster Flash – The Message


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