Copenhagen Songwriters Festival 2012

There is something about the creative soul of Copenhagen. I’ve said it many times before, but there is something about the wonderful city that brings out the creativity in many of us. And I think I’ve found one of the reasons that songwriting community is so strong here, and the 4th Copenhagen Songwriters Festival, founder Brett Perkins has done a fine job in putting on a great 3 day show.

I spoke to Brett for a video interview for the Music Producers Forum (Click here to view). It is a great vision that Brett has, and as for the songwriter and a producer in me, it makes me even more glad to call Copenhagen home. (As much as I miss beautiful Sydney).

It was great to catch up with some other songwriters that I’ve gotten to know at Cafe Retro and the Temple Bar. Benjamin Aggerbæek was one of the key people helping with his ‘Playground’ of songwriters also being represented at the event.  One of my favorite performances was from Jens Jepsen, who has recently launched a new album. I also managed to catch a bit of a 3 piece band called Davenport that had a country pop kind of sound.

I’m hoping to make it back on the last day.

Jens Jepsen Performing on the Main Stage

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