So I’m Trending in Copenhagen

How cool is that? Today for the first time I hit number 9 on the Reverbnation, RnB/Soul charts for Copenhagen. If you’ve been listening to my Tunes, thank you, and I hope you actually enjoy the music.

All the songs are still developing with constant collaborations with new musicians and artists. I’ve been getting some great ideas and feedback for the next versions of songs.

Special thanks to music friends Henrik Jensen for the great Telecaster sound, Ineke Garder for the beautiful and powerful interpretations of my music, Martin Lærke for that phat cajon groove, Pelle Møller for that Danish gansta rap and Llewellyn for your love support and feedback.

It is an honor when people take the time to not just hear, but learn one’s music. There are many songs in the songwriting pipeline, so stay tuned and stay in touch.

Music is a magic thing.

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