Video: Inspirational Vocalists from the ShowTeam of Rhodos

It’s not every day one gets to hear some great live vocal work that simply inspires. A holiday resort on the Greek Islands hasn’t been the place that I wouldn’t traditionally expect to be mesmerised by some potential world class vocal talent, but this is what the entertainment at the Blue Village resort on Rhodes delivered.

5 nights a week, this group of 5 vocalists/dancers/entertainers put on a show to entertain holidaying families from all over Scandinavia. The entertainment consists of children’s theatre, dancing, acting and of course (My favorite), singing. It’s a tough gig for these performers in sometimes temperatures over 40 celsius, but you could feel that they truly love every moment, making it for them, not work.

The most memorable segment was on our last night, when the three girls sang their own choice of songs. This ranged from Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ (Anna), to an oldie being Dolly Parton’s ‘Here we go again’ (Emilie) and a soulful interpretation of James Morrison’s ‘You give me something’ (Angelica). This set really gave us a chance for us to get to know them and their vocal range by their preferred songs,

Above Video: One performance that truly made my hair stand on end, was a cover of the Beyonce song ‘Listen’, that was featured in the film Dreamgirls. Any person daring to take on any Beyonce song has a major challenge set up for them. Anna’s performance was simply spellbinding.

These kind of experiences, for me can often inspire me to write a song or two. And whilst I was at the resort, I was inspired to work on my current song ‘When we like to Party’, writing the first verse and recording a very rough work in progress demo in the hotel room (Click here if you dare to listen to it!).

At the end of the day, my core strength songwriter/producer, and I’m always looking for artists to interpret my work. Finding great musicians and artists to interpret my compositions, is always a great thrill and honor for me, the hope is that this recent inspiration has the momentum to produce some new songs, that just maybe some of these vocalists may just be interested in making some of my songs, their own sometime in the future.


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