First Demo Version: Stupid

Watching the light come through at 4am, when I should be sleeping. In making the most of sleeplessness, I thought I’d upload a recording from the weekend, of a song I wrote a year ago. Pretty stupid eh?

Written in 2011, inspired by dealing with stupid people, this song Stupid was my way of dealing with the frustration. Fast forward to 27 June 2012, 3am. I can’t sleep, so I edit and compile a quick recording from the weekend.

The vocals are the 2nd take, right through… Recorded in the famous ‘closet’, using my headphone microphone (I was under time pressure), it is a very rough take, and not using my full voice. Straight after this second take, the flatmates (Family) called me down for dinner so that’s all I had time for.

A year after starting to write the song, this arrangement is now the standard one, and the words are pretty much locked down (I tend to modify words quite a lot as I’m writing.

I’ll be adding a bass track, and probably rerecording the vocals in the next round, but until then… here it is… warts and all.

Song Title: Stupid

Words and Music: Jomar

Now, I think I’m alright, Every day a little sunlight,

I’m sick of all the pretty lines, that get thrown around all over me,

and, when I find the time, even when I think I said it right

Am I the only man, that keeps holding on to repeat, yeah


Please don’t, please don’t be stupid, with descriptions that are useless

Every time I say the word, you’re only waiting to be heard

What you think ain’t just what it is, you see


And, when I find the time, find the way through my stupid lines

I’m making a tale of it, not the way it really is

Is it inside of me, or others saying what I should be

I hit that one line, stuck on repeat



I’ve known something so long,

You think you know me, but your so f/()&n’ wrong

Everytime I’m looking your way, Can’t take all the things that you say



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