Jammin’ with Erik for the First Time

Saturday night, a Chris Brown song and E (for Erik).  I’m home but having more fun than most other Saturday nights as Llewellyn’s best buddy Erik has been around and we’ve gotten around to jammin’  a few covers.

I showed him my favorite Filipino/American YouTuber, Gabe Bondoc performing a cover of Chris Brown’s Strip, so we decided to perform our own cover… of Gabe’s cover… (Go figure).

This young, almost 14 year old fellow balikbayan (Ex pat Filipino) Erik has got quite a bit of potential and has been a lot of fun jammin’ with. His lovely girlfriend Ida, also has quite a voice, and that she may be the next featured star in one of our up and coming YouTube music videos. And right now, as this post gets published, they are celebrating their first year anniversary…. (Awwww!).