An afternoon with Inouwee

I just had a memorable afternoon filming Danish band Inouwee as a segment for the Sounds-Underground project ( documentary). Signe and Kaare (Pronounced See-na and Core) have formed tight songwriting and performance partnership over the past 4 years, and it was a real joy to film their performance.

I asked them the standard questions of ‘who, how and where’ for the documentary, but also got be a fly on the wall and see them at work with the creative process. Good songwriting/production collaborations are rare as the creative process is such a personal thing. It was great to experience for myself these two at work, and it was a special feeling to have my own private performance from them (Soon to be shared on

This unforgettable afternoon reminded be how great it is to be in town with creative souls like Copenhagen. It feels like it is fostering a new breed of emerging artists, songwriters and producers that will be breaking through into the charts of tomorrow.

Inouwee is managed by Finn Andersen of Unity Sound who is also working with me on the Music Producers Forum. Hear Inouwee’s music and follow their journey on

Coming soon: Inouwee article on Music Producers Forum, and documentary segment on Sounds Underground.


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