New Song In Progress: Another Day

So this morning whilst noodling around with the guitar I got two chords pumping… Words came quickly this time, and my music advisor/co producer/co writer Llewellyn (Daughter 14yo) came in to hear the early idea. I got her stamp of approval to take the song further so here it is, with a few of her thoughts added in afterwards.

Another Day

If there’s something, I don’t mind asking if you think of me that way
And I know that every consequence comes from too much to say

Every day I know I’m wrong it true I don’t know when I am right
I wish I could know the difference so I’d know to put up a fight

For another day

Now I wonder if I’m sober or should I take another drink
When it’s over I’ll be older but my mind will always think
To be honest, I am on it though when you’re keeping me at bay
If I had a chance I’d take just to be spending it with you

Another day

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