New Song: Somethings got to Give

I’ve been writing a song for Angelica (Friend who is a Vocalist/Performer at Blue Village resort Rhodes).  I’ve got the first verse and the chorus to a point where I’m happy with it, but at this point, all I have for the second verse is the opening line. So Ange, you may have to help out and finish off the second verse and possible help with a middle 8 section.

Below file is the song with me singing the first verse and chorus. Excuse the bum notes, but it is still a rough version at this stage.

The below version is the instrumental only version with the first two verse and chorus’s. Ange, you can use this to practice, or even perform to.

Words – Somethings got to give

No I never felt the same
From the time I got to know your name
And these feelings I just can’t fight
Cos these arms want to hold you tight

Am I dreaming of something I just can’t get
And if I give up is that something I will regret

Somethings got to give cos I can’t stop
Wanting you much more, well it ain’t enough
When they say that I could do much better
doesn’t stop me wanting you forever

No I never felt the same
From that time I heard you say my name…..
Even though Im scared your only looking for fun
my heart knows I am the only one

Bridge 2:
Am I just longing for someone to hold
Just cant resist your heat in the cold

UPDATE: Have just changed to key (Up a whole note)


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