Talk About Life – New idea in progress

Sunday morning hook strikes once again. This idea that’s emerging from the subconscious seems to be reflecting this last two days. It’s been a pretty awesome weekend thus far, with two social get togethers with some great people from the past. Music is a common thread between both of these gatherings, and once again, its a great kind of glue that brings us randomly together.

At dinner on Friday night, I managed to convince the host to bring out his Fender Jazz bass for the first time in 15 years. Yep. 15 years. I feel like the evil little devil on the shoulder tempting him with an old addiction. ‘We need to celebrate our midlife crisis’. That was what I was trying to tell him more or less. We are fused together with the love of Stevie Wonder in the 70’s (Basically anything before ‘I just called to say I love you’), and bad ass funk with killer horns. His best friend from childhood was there, and he we connected on the Les Paul level.

Caught up with Ineke at her cousin’s graduation party, and it was great to catch up with her again , after summer holiday’s (And some sunshine) getting in the way of some music. Her two cousins were no longer the small children I saw last time (Also some 15 years since I really saw them). The talent gene pool is strong in Ineke’s bloodline, as they both belted out a few tunes with us. Luckily (Thanks to Llewellyn) I knew the three chords to a One Direction song. Noah gave his first public performance with me to ‘You don’t know you’re beautiful’. Special dad moment.

So… that kind of sums up the last two days, that has pretty much inspired this pretty rough idea. I’m thinking that this idea may have some legs.

Time to get ready for the Grøn Koncert in Copehagen with Llewellyn.

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