A Songwriter’s Soulmate – Benjamin Aggerbæk

My songs found a stage when I moved back to Copenhagen in March 2010. One Thursday night at Cafe Retro, I came across a man who would restart the sleeping songwriter in me. By organising weekly songwriter nights in various cafes around Copenhagen, he’s build up a community of songwriter/artists in this old city built on a history of storytellers.

Aggerbæk himself is a seasoned singer/songwriter with an amazing catalog of acoustic jazz songs that he has crafted over many years. My favorite song Together Apart (As featured in an earlier post), was also beautifully shot by a mutual friend Christian Bach. His latest album released in late 2011, Heartbeat, is an acoustic piece of art. Recorded in the US, and the above music video, ‘A Fool’ is feature on the album.

Aggerbæk not only shares the stage, but gives the artists on the stage his undivided attention, song after song, night after night. Over the last two years, the caliber of songs and performers on his stage has become has gotten better and better. It’s almost at the point where I do feel somewhat intimidated at times, when playing after such phenomenal artists.

When I look back at my own return to music, songwriting and performing, Benjamin Aggerbæk is one of the reasons, motivators and supporters for me to find my way back to this craft. With 2012 seeing him become a father for the first time, I’m looking forward to a set of new songs inspired by the love known only by that of a father… and possibly a bit of sleep deprivation.

Image source: Aggerbæk.dk

Purchase Benjamin’s Music: Aggerbaek.bandcamp.com/


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