Ineke’s back in the Groove

It was in 2005 at a small cafe in Mosman, Sydney Australia that I last played some tunes with Ineke at one of my Groove Ingredients nights. Tonight, 7 years later, it was great to hear her voice again after way too long a time. Together with guitarist (El supremo) Henrik Jensen, the three of us performed Fast Train and Everytime, in a quiet return of the Groove Ingredients spirit.

There’s something special about having your own music played by others. They put their own interpretation into your words, melody and rhythm which that song you wrote a very different dimension. Both Henrik and Ineke imprinted some new DNA into some of my old tunes, and that is very much a humbling feeling. Ineke instinctively held back the last note on Everytime, and it was as if, at that moment the room was in the palm of her hand.

It was great to see the love and support from some of Ineke’s new friends, and it is that kind of energy that inspires artists, songwriters and performers like us to take things up another notch or two for next time. And in the bus on the way home, Henrik and I were talking about the next time…

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