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The Groove Ingredients

To me, Groove Ingredients has always been a philosophy, a was of thinking when it comes to music. It’s about being able to match the right ingredients of sound, for the right place at the right time.

In 2006 Groove Ingredients was a concept that brought a collection of musicians together. I had organised a couple of nights at a cafe in Sydney, with a few friends to jam along to. It provided a nice outlet for some of my talented friends, to get out in front of a small audience in an intimate environment and perform. It had also evolved into my one-man production company GrooveIP, which I would book gigs at a the local rooftop club in Mosman Sydney, including for an independent artist by the name of Tavoi, and my own predominantly covers band called Another Story.

Fast forward to 2012, Denmark. Music to me has a…

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