New Song: Penetrate my Soul

This latest song to the stable is kind of a 90’s pop rock tune. It’s a pretty simple 4 chord song over a straight rock beat, not my usual genre. I had been playing around with the chords for a while but it wasn’t until I went to see my neighbor Anders play in his rock cover band called the Penetrators, that I found the inspiration to take the song further.

I wrote the words over the Easter break in a Swedish farmhouse (Thanks to the  Gregersen for having us). Every now and then, I had a chance to escape to our room whilst everyone else was busy doing next to nothing.

With the story in the song, I kind of combined the theme from the electro-beat loop track that I was producing on Garageband, ‘Move your soul‘, with the theme ‘Penetrate’. Anders told me that the Penetrators often get asked if their name is more to do with the act of penetration… but when I put together the words penetrate and soul, the song began to take it’s own direction. It became a song about people who believe in you, sometimes more than you believe in yourself.

Now the song is out there, in all it’s demo glory, I’m looking forward to a few others laying some tracks. There are two awesome guitarists within a half mile radius of me, one being Anders on the other side of the block, and the usual suspect Henrik W. Jensen. There is a introduction and jam session looming here… I’d also like to run this past vocalist Ineke, who as a full bodied rock and soul voice. It would be interesting to hear if the tune would work well with a female lead vocal.

Anyway, there it is… in all it’s glory… warts and all… Enjoy.

Penetrate my Soul – Lyrics

You say, have you lost your mind, They say are you only wasting time, spending it by my side,

You say I should more believe, I think, its just more uncertainty, but some how you believe in me,

Every time I am thinking, every sign I am seeing the way to go, there’s something much more you know,

Every night I am dreaming, every plan you believe could be worth some gold, I feel that there’s more you know, when you penetrate my soul.

I say there’s much more to find, you say, I spend too much wasted time, on everyone else’s mind,

This time’s all we have right now, I can’t waste it on what could have been, now you reveal to me,

Repeat Chorus:


If there’s another chance to start again, I’d take it back from the other end.

Another chance of a lifetime just to see….

(Music and lyrics by Jomar… that dude in this blog)


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