and Production Team

Cinematographer and documentary producer Max Sayganov is the official domain for the music documentary series I’m working on. Eventually it will be a subdomain of, will announce the progress of pre-production, filming and post production.

Currently in the midst of development stage I’m happy to say that the official production crew has now doubled. Max Sayganov (Pictured left) is an experienced media producer, who has a great eye, good ear, knows and appreciates great storytelling. From here on, I now can officially refer to the project as something ‘we’ are working on. (As opposed to just I). It is an honor to be working with Max, and the fact that he see’s the clearly vision of the Sounds Underground lets me know that it’s more than just an interesting idea. We both see this as a journey that will bring on many new opportunities and exposure for all involved.

We will be selecting songwriter/performers from Cafe Retro’s songwriter nights. Each episode will be around 5-7 minutes and feature them performing one of their songs, overlaid with them answering a few questions about themselves and their music.

We had our first production meeting last Thursday to begin some format development and pre-production. Our first pilot episode will be shot on 10 May, and we have started shooting an introductory ‘vision’ segment, something that you’d find in the Special Features section. I got a chance to belt out Countdown Days and Fast Train solo performance that evening, and it was great to get a feel for the venue with this project in mind.

Photo by Max Sayganov

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