Documentary Preproduction: First thoughts of ‘Sounds Underground-Copenhagen’

Copenhagen has an amazing independent songwriting  community.  Moving back in 2010 I quickly discovered this through a contact in the Music Producers Forum (Deborah), when she suggested Cafe Retro as a location for a meetup. Thursday nights are songwriter nights run by Benjamin Aggerbæk, and over the past 5 years, it has built a strong network of songwriter/performers from the new writers to the experienced. The story of this music breeding ground, and the songwriting environment in Copenhagen, needs to be told. In association with the Music Producers Forum, ‘Copenhagen’s underground sound’ documentary series is officially going into preproduction.

Documentary Series Pre-Production

Armed with my moleskin notepad, first ideas are being laid out. Here are my current thoughts.

I’ll put together a type of ‘prelude’, a narrated 4 minute segment as to why I’m producing this series. So far I’ve written out the first draft of the narrative, which I’ll record and edit to a rough storyboards. This ‘Prelude’ won’t be an official episode, but will be used primarily to introduce those involved with the production to the concept, and would also be a ‘Special Features’ style segment.

I plan to have a pilot episode and the prelude in late April/May, both distributed on the MusicProducersForum’s YouTube channel, and the first episode published in June. (The first pilot episode has since been published. Click here to view)

Artist Profile Episode: Each episode will be roughly 4-5 minutes, with one artist in focus at a time.

Production Resource Planning

As this is an independent self resourced project, I’ll be primarily using my own  company’s equipment, being D-SLR with HD Video, Røde shotgun mic and edited on the Macbook. There is a trusted crew of colleagues who are interested in being a part of this production, volunteering their time, and I am very keen to ensure that their efforts are acknowledged and this project ultimately become a door opener of new opportunites and exposure for them.

Vision – Goal (Why am I doing this?)

The above will be somewhat made clearer with the Prelude, but I thought it be important to mention a bit of it here in the preproduction phase. The vision is to unearth and highlight some exceptional songwriting talent. Copenhagen has a phenomenal history of nuturing great story tellers, so it is the perfect setting. The goal is to get this message out to the world. Having created the, I have access to broadcast and distribute content to over 5,000 people (Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook), who are following the MusicProducersForum brand.

As I sit here in the middle of the Swedish countryside (On Easter holidays), I’m just taking a moment to reflect and wonder, if this is just another lame ass idea or is this that spark that I’ve been looking for, for a long time…


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