That 2012 resolution: Make some music to move your soul

Photo by Llewellyn

Enter 2012. The year to get a few things off the table, and into motion. Maybe even the dance floor.

Anyway, with a nice little technological upgrade of my micro-studio (AKA new MacBook), I’ve been able to punch out a few prototype tunes (Or rough demos) fairly quickly. As the songwriter using tech minimalist production methodology, I am in heaven.

I have a pipeline of songs to polish and add that 2012 feel too, as well as songs development, and that 2012 music resolution I have, means that I’ll be producing some tunes this year, in that attempt to leave a sonic footprint on the planet. I’ll be tracking down some talented independent music artists friends (Musicians and vocalists) that need ‘a kick in the behind’ to get their groove on this year. (Ramsden, Jensen, Leffers/Garde and even Lange… I’ve got you in my sights.. and more to find.).

In 2011, Love Constellation co-producer Chris Ramsden has been prodding me to put technology to work and start producing some dance music. He even dedicated a site to those who can produce dance tracks via their iPad, rUbbaNeck (Don’t ask me what the name means, or how he got it). And yesterday, I thought I’d start entertaining his badgering.

‘Move your soul’, is a song that I started on yesterday… my entrance to electro dance. I was quite happy to continue with the acoustic rock and soul genre… but hey, why not try and get some people on the floor. (Dancing… that is…).

Listen to the first demo of ‘Move your soul’.

Production notes and planning:

Loops and samples produced on GarageBand, Audio tracks using iRig microphone.

Next stage/Tracks to add:

  • Rhythm Funk guitar & heavy distorted and lead overdrive (Live)
  • Lead vocal track from female ‘Belter’ – simple loop
  • Rap verse… (Possibly)
  • Finalise arrangement Verse/Chorus/V/C/B/C
  • Annoy Chris Lee Ramsden for some feedback

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