Announcing the Rehearsal Production Podcast: Love Constellation EP – 2011

 Here’s a crazy little idea. Record and publish what musicians would never think of revealing. If we were to take 15minutes of our weekly rehearsal session, record it, upload it to the internet and let people listen to it, would anyone care?

My quick answer to the question is, if I always cared about what other people thought I did, I would probably end up doing next to nothing. More to the point, I suppose it is more of an experiment, to recording more of what we as musicians think and do, in between performances and recordings.

A podcast is something that is a bit more conversational than a radio program, but lets put a bit of music and ideas in progress into the equation and I think we may have some audio that people may find interesting.

If anything, it is an audio log of the creative process, the production process with a few random thoughts thrown in.

We do have an objective: Between my co-producer Chris Lee and myself, we want to have an EP produced in 7 weeks, as in the 12 July 2011. So over the course of the next 7 weeks, we’ll record a 15 minute weekly instalment of our progress. We’ll also be rehearsing some interpretations of some of our favourite songs.

For this series of 7 podcasts, I’ll post each episode on this site (And Chris will also publish from his site).

Feel free to subscribe (Top left of this page), or follow me on Twitter or Facebook to receive updates when the latest podcast is ready. We’ll be publishing the first episode on Friday (27 May). Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Announcing the Rehearsal Production Podcast: Love Constellation EP – 2011

  1. Tomorrow? OMG, I’d better get practicing! Seriously, I’m looking forward to it. Sharing the music creation process is quite a risk – what if it sounds terrible? Or, what if it sounds great? And turning this into a podcast is a real challenge – what if it turns out to be as entertaining as pulling teeth?

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