The 2011 EP: Planning with 3 months to go

Pre production session

It’s time to give some old songs some new life, and to get some new songs recorded. An EP is more than a single, but not quite an album, and that means I can give a selected number of songs a bit of love in the recording process. So here’s the announcement to the world, that together with some new found musical soulmates, I’ll be working on releasing an EP in July 2011.

The Songlist

There’s a couple of songs that are locked in, and possible another 3-4 songs to pick out.

Countdown Days and Fast Train are two songs that were written in 97, and I never got to record, and they are definites on the EP . They were written when I was living in Tisvilde, 60kms north of Copenhagen, and were very much inspired by that place and time.

The Day We’ll be Together is one that I’ll rerecord and I’ll work with a female duet. The other song most likely to make the cut is pretty freshly written. It’s called ‘Stupid’. Inspired by the stupid people one has to deal with in life. Then again, we all have levels and moments of stupidity, so the inspiration is from a broad range of people.

Above: Earlier production of The Day We’ll be Together (Featuring Richard Marten)

The Production Style

This EP will have a live and organic feel, with the acoustic touch. Where possible, we’ll record the songs live (Where musicians play together, instead of multi-tracking them in separate sessions). The songs have a common thread of blues type of feel, so guitars will be the main rhythm instrument, complimented with light percussion. We will see what we can do without a live drum track, so the bass lines will also be a bit more percussive.

The Line Up

I’ve been blessed to start working with music producer & multi-instrumentalist, Chris Lee Ramsden. He will  be co-producing the EP and most likely laying down the bass tracks possibly some piano. Henrik Wiener Jensen of the band Moving Feet, will be on lead and rhythm guitars. A few more guest artists to confirm, but at this point, we are very much on track.

EP Title

The working title for the EP is North Zealand Dream, as many of the songs were inspired by living in that area of Denmark.


The launch will be a big event, and as I also work in marketing and online strategy, I’ll get my hands dirty in putting together ways to make some noise.

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