The Music Blog Begins….

Hello & welcome to the rants, on my creations and collaborations as I rediscover music.

The ‘midlife’ thing is bringing me back to music, or even more so,  it feels like music is finding me. I’m reviving my back catalogue of music from as far back as 1996. I’m starting to be re-inspired and writing again. I’ve found a new circle of musical souls.

The second half of life, is like a new start. I’ve just said farewell to my own father (still struggling to comprehend), and as a father, I’m watching those little people become more independent each day.

It is also a new start into music, where music itself is having its own fresh new start. It seems that the digital age is changing music in ways we never imagined it would. The 4track recorder can now be outdone by a phone. Musicians now have instant access to a global audience. We can all now purchase music anywhere, anytime.


I am amazed with a community of music producers that have gathered on the Music Producers Forum, that started with a blog and a Meetup in October 2007. Whilst I have been limited with time, and feel I haven’t been able to nurture the community as much as I would like to, every day new members become a part of the network. The Linkedin Group (Currently at 1,611 members), Twitter (1,200) and our own social network ( have been slowly growing over the past 3 years.

Right now, music is like an old friend walking through the door. It is so damn good to see him again.


Stay tuned as I share the story.



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